Writing with Intention

Being an INFJ (Myers Briggs) my thoughts come alive on paper. I am able to be clear when I write and able to put all that’s jumbled up in my head ‘write’ in front of me.

My thoughts are continuous , as I’m sure yours are too, and it’s hard to organize all that I have up there. But getting my thoughts, goals and dreams (night time and fantasy) on paper really allows me to see where my head is and how to move forward.

I rarely even go back and read what I wrote after that day. It’s just an exercise that allows me to see my thoughts, write some goals and ingrain it all within me.

Sometimes I’ll free write, but here are some things you would find in my Yellow Book of Thoughts most recently!

How to Get Rich in 2018:

As a yoga teacher, it has been hard making an income that has supplemented my needs. I’ve worked several jobs for a few years just so I can stay away from the 9-5 life and continue teaching.

I have arrived to a place where I’m feeling more secure but also needing the extra blanket that I so very long for.

Private Lessons were a big focus on this page, how I could market them, who I could market it to, what I would include in my classes and also adding partner sessions.

This created a forward movement on finding clients to teach to. I was able to create a holiday deal and gift cards to accommodate them. Although success is on the horizon, I find success in just getting up and going with the idea. Creating, and knowing my ability to do so.


This is one that I like to include regularly and daily if possible. I try my best to get to 10 things I was grateful for in that day. On tough days sometimes I don’t make it to 10, but at least I can see there was something that made me happy within that day.

Songs/ Poems:

For some,this may be super foreign but everyone has a little rhyme in them. If not, this can just be your ramble section. Usually songs will come off of a hunch, sometimes a freestyle I recorded in the car that needs to be down on paper. The freestyle alone shows me how I really feel, but then editing the poem or song brings a whole new life to the words. I can say what I really mean and mean what I really say. Adding it to music is a different story, but my does it feel good.

Read and take notes:

A lot of us read things on the internet, informational or not, see it and cast it away in our brain. Next time you read something informational, write about it or take notes about it. What did you learn? Why did you like it? Write the title and the author and maybe check them out later on if you liked their style.

It’s important to still expand our minds as we grow. To still write and spell without auto correct. To have an opinion on issues even if you don’t share them, you know for yourself.

Writing opens your mind and spits it out onto paper. Use what you have and what you’ve learned to improve yourself whether with goals, gratefulness, education or self expression.

Happy Writing!

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