Mala beads come in a necklace form containing 108 beads, created to help maintain focus throughout your meditation.

  108 is seen as number of connection. For example, both the Sun and Moon are 108 miles x it’s own diameter away from the Earth. It is also said that we have 108 energy lines connecting at the heart chakra.

  My own interpretation; mala beads connect our mantra/meditation to the heart, so that we feel what we’re repeating in our soul.

 How I like to use my Mala Beads

Choose a mantra:

Some may choose to use ancient mantras to meditate while using their mala beads. Others may like to take deep breaths on each bead. I on the other hand, like to create my own mantra.

  1. Take a moment and sit in silence for 30 secs.
  2. See where your mind travels, what emotions you haven’t settled with, who and what comes to mind
  3. Based off of your emotions, create a mantra that isn’t too long and easy to repeat in your head. Create something short that will empower you, make you think more positively and motivate you.


“Exercise to see results”

“Grateful for what I’ve overcome”

Inhale “courage” exhale “fear”

“Don’t text the ex”

“I can”

Mala Bead Meditation Technique:

  1. Using middle finger and thumb, start on head bead (guru bead not included in the 108) and slowly breath. Deeply inhaling 4-3–2-1 and exhaling 6-5-4-3-2-1. Repeating 5 times.
  2. Move middle finger and thumb (using pointer finger is said to be bad juju) to next mala bead. Inhale say mantra in your head, exhale, then move to next bead and repeat.
  3. When you’ve made your way around the entire necklace, end with the 5 breaths you began with and slowly open your eyes.

Whether you’re spiritual or not, taking time for mind can bring you so much clarity. Also, repeating positive affirmations to yourself can do wonders for your confidence.

Happy Mala Bead Meditating!

P.S. Mala beads can be bought online, at yoga boutiques or you can make your own like I did! We’ll discuss later xoxo

$10 Mala Beads Necklace

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