I’ve always had an interest in astrology and how it connects us to how we appear and feel. I’ve found that I can usually predict someone’s reaction based off their astrological sign and understand their actions just from their birthday; which led me to matching yoga styles and poses with each zodiac sign. Based on the people I’ve worked with, have taught, have gone to school with, dated and befriended, these following yoga styles are what I see benefiting each sign.


Aries are like a fire. Warming when contained, but easily enraged and suddenly taking out all that is around them. High energy, headstrong,fighters. They enjoy a challenge and have strong burst of energy.

To challenge an Aries have them hold strong poses like Mountain, Warrior, Half Moon and crescent. These poses will stabilize the hasty Aries, increase focus through balance, and ramp up strength… and anyone who knows an Aries knows they’re all about that strength and power. I suggest doing these poses in a vinyasa style holding each pose for at least 3 breaths to instill patience.


Taurus have a grounded nature. They’re the nurturers of the zodiac and crave stability. Taurus are really hard workers but can fall into spells of laziness when they’re not working. Therefore when Taurus are in need of energy I suggest a power style of yoga to get their blood pumping and energy flowing. When Taurus need that downtime after putting in work, I suggest a yin yoga, where they can relax into poses and get into a head space of calmness and serenity.

Good poses for earthy Taurus are Goddess pose, Chair Pose and Triangle Pose. All of these poses require an inner strength but appear to be tranquil on the outside, just like a Taurus.


Gemini have active minds, known to be the intellects and witty ones of the zodiac. They usually have a lot to say and aren’t afraid to say it.

I recommend a yin yoga style to the two minded twins. This meditative style of yoga holds poses for 3 to 5 mins, releasing the muscles and creating space in the mind. While posing, focus on counting each breath until you reach 10 then count back down to 1.

Check out this yin sequence



Cancers are the homebodies of the zodiac. They are known to be emotional and care deeply for their loved ones. They are also empaths, taking on the emotions of others.

Cancers can benefit from coming out of their shells at times and although it may be hard and uncomfortable, new experiences are the ones that help us to grow. So I suggest trying an aerial yoga class or kundalini class.

Aerial yoga uses ribbons to keep the body suspended off the ground and supported. Kundalini yoga focuses on moving the inner energies. The concentration is on awakening the chakras and inner energies by performing continuous movement, chanting and singing. This will definitely bring cancer out of their norm while also feeling the support of others around them.

Aerial Yoga examples



Leos can come across as either courages or prideful depending on whose eyes they’re being viewed from. Leos are dominant and have strong personalities.

To soften the roaring Leo I recommend a flow practice. A practice that’s filled with connecting creative poses and transitions. I would suggest Rocket Yoga or Ashtanga which always presents a challenge and there’s always further to go. Every strong Leo needs a challenge.


Virgos thrive on precision and perfection. They like for things to be organized and done the “right” way. This earth sign will benefit from Iyengar yoga.

Iyengar often uses props to align the body to perfection creating support in all places. The body is able soak in the practice without strain. For a Virgo mind, alignment is important in order to get the poses right. With a practice as precise as Iyengar, Virgos don’t have to worry about perfection.


Libra is the the sign of balance and partnership. Libras practice fairness and usually have an artistic side. They crave balance and loyalty.

In order to restore balance to a shaken Libra, first start with a balanced breath. Slowly breathing in a count of four and breathing out a count of four. Repeating until you notice everything slowing down and speeding up all at once.

Alternate nostril breathing is another balancing breath.

Bend & close your pointer and middle fingers.

zodiac yoga 005

Alternate nostrils breathing begins by inhaling into the left nostril, exhaling out of the right then taking an inhale back into the right. Taking turns inhaling and exhaling out of each nostril repetitively. To block the air from entering into the right nostril, close it with the thumb and switch to close the left nostril, using the ring finger and pinky. Repeat this breath 10 times.


Scorpios are the passionate ones of the zodiac. They are true friends, leaders and brave.

These resourceful signs have a lot going on under their cool exterior and need room to unleash. I recommend practicing alone with a vinyasa flow, taking pauses throughout to just breath and feel what’s inside. Other times may permit going to a group class, but it would be beneficial for you to have time on your own.


Sagittarius are the travelers of the zodiac. They are known to seek change and are determined to put their ideas into motion. Sagittarius are very philosophical as well and usually in search for the meaning of life.

Sagittarius should visit a variety of different classes. Traveling from teacher to teacher and to class to class, will keep the wandering Sag wanting more.

Definitely include classes that explore the roots of yoga with a teacher who infuses yoga philosophy into their practice. Be sure to practice outside and save up for retreats around the world. These types of adventures can answer so many questions for Sagittarius and also create more.


Capricorns are grounded, all about work, and get things done. Capricorn like feeling accomplished but it’s hard for them to find that outside of work and family.

I suggest that the Capricorn tries a 90 min Hot Yoga or Bikram Class. Being pushed to stretch and bend in a heated room can definitely make the Capricorn feel accomplished at the end, which makes it all worth it for them.


Aquarius are team players, usually very friendly and open to try new things. Aquarius would love partner yoga or acro yoga.

Partner Yoga is done by assisting your partner in stretches. Like seated wide legged fold, gently pulling each other’s hands through the middle. Seated forward fold, where one partner folds forward reaching towards their feet, while the other partner sits behind the folder with bent knees, leaning back against the folder, creating pressure and increasing the fold.

Check out this link to see more examples


Acro yoga is done with a base and flyer, creating fun shapes, building connection and strengthening…the core especially. The moves can be therapeutic or challenging and ongoing.

Check out these examples of acro yoga



Pisces are the dreamers of the zodiac. Always wanting to create and show their artistic side, whether it be dancing or painting. Pisces is okay with being different and is open to experiencing new things. Like Sagittarius I recommend trying many styles of yoga from Aerial Yoga, to partner yoga, to solely a chanting class.

Pisces like to feel connected to something bigger than them and will enjoy the spiritual side of yoga as well.

Happy Sign Searching!!

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