Crow is usually the first arm balance we practice and learn in yoga. The one thing I like to emphasize for crow or any hand balance is activating the core. As soon as you learn how to use your core, hand balancing becomes much easier.

Some poses to strengthen the core are:

Plank, Side Planks and Boat

Crow uses your upper body strength as well. Some poses to practice for upper body strength are:

Downward Dog, Dolphin, &  Sun Salutations

How to Practice Crow

1. Come to a low squat and place hands on the ground so that your knees are placed high on your triceps.

2. Lift hips so that your back is facing the front of the room and your head is closer the the floor, gazing forward.

 3. Engage your core muscles and lift your right foot off the ground, then release to switch to the left, making sure to engage the core. Then relax

4. Lean forward, grip the ground, engage the core, look forward, lift the right foot off the ground then left.

Use props by:


1. Placing the block in front of the forehead for support.

2. Placing the block under the feet to get the knees up higher

Suggestion from a friend…  use pillow to avoid face planting on a hard surface

I hope you take flight!

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