SMART Goals were introduced to me in business school at Lynchburg College. It’s a concept that has always stuck with me, and to this day, I use it to make clear goals.

  • SMART is an acronym for: Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Realistic and Timely. Whenever you are making a goal, check the SMART acronym for a fair chance at success.


If you want to read more, your goal might be: I will read one informational article a day and one book a week.

This goal is SMART because:

You’re specific on how you plan to read more. It’s measurable at 1 article a day and 1 book a week. If you are able to read this quickly and frequently, then it is attainable. It’s a goal that can be done realistically with a little dedication. It’s timely because you are able to start immediately and remain consistent, you could even add on more material after a certain date.

Seal in your 3 SMART Resolutions

  1. Take the time to write 3 plain and simple SMART goals
  2. Pair each goal with a candle, lighting each one, while reciting the goal in your head
  3. Do at least 15 mins of yoga. If you need to be more relaxed in 2018, practice slowly. If you need to accumulate more energy, practice more quickly.
  4. End with a 15 min savasana dedicated to the new year (laying flat, unmoving with eyes closed on your mat or blanket).

Feel free to write as many goals as you would like, but make sure each goal is easy to remember and to revisit.

I encourage you to revise these goals as you find that they’re too easy or too hard to maintain. JUST DON’T STOP WORKING TOWARDS THEM. Use this new 2018 momentum to get your achieving spirit moving forward!!!


*If you would like me to post a video with a 15 min yoga practice infusing SMART goals, comment below, or comment on my instagram @goldenclues 🧡

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