Ayurveda is known as the science of yoga. It shows us food choices, exercise styles, and natural moisturizers, best suited for our lively hood and physical build. Determining our Dosha gives us clues to feeling balanced and efficient.

There are Three Doshas within Ayurveda; Kapha, Vata and Pitta. Although we hold all three Doshas, between our personality and features, one Dosha stands apart from all the others. This is the Dosha you will aim to keep in balance.


Read through all three Doshas Characteristics and then pick the one that aligns with… what you’ve looked like, felt like and acted like the majority of your life.

I’ll list exercises and food that includes a more detailed link. Based on your Dosha Type, these food and exercise types are sure to make you feel fantastic! So what are you? A Kapha, a Vata, or a Pitta?

Comment Below once you know!

Kapha Characteristics

Kapha – The Water Element

Physical: Strong & Sturdy Build,Round Face, Large Eyes, Big Nose

Emotional Characteristics : Loving, Steady, Patient

Energy Level: In balance – Great Stamina…Out of Balance – Lazy and Tired

Skin type: In Balance – Radiant…Out of Balance – Oily.

Hair type:In Balance – Thick, sometimes curly… Out of Balance – Oily

When Out of Balance: Eat Obsessively, Weight Gain, Sleep Obsessively

Kapha Clues


Because Kaphas are prone to low energy, they should perform energizing sports like: Running, Aerobics and Competitive Sports

Kapha Food:

Naturally heavy and oily, they should try foods that are light and dry food.

Check out this link for more specific foods: Foods For Kaphas

Kapha Tea Bags

Vata Characteristics

Vata – The Air Element

Physical: Slender, Cold hands and feet, Tall

Emotional Characteristics : Creative, Mood Changes, Excitable, Go with the Flow

Energy Level: In Balance – High Energy… Out of Balance – Tire Easily and Overexert

Skin Type: Dry

Hair Type: In Balance – Thin and Grows Quickly…Out of Balance- Dry, Frizzy and Split Ends

When out of Balance: Skip meals, Racing Thoughts, Fear

Vata Clues


Already moving in fast burst, Vatas can easily overexert themselves therefore require low impact exercises like; walking, yoga, casual hikes.

Vata Food:

Foods that are warm and moist. Being a vata, my favorite breakfast is oatmeal, it warms me up more than anything. Check out this link for more food ideas: Food For Vata

Vata Tea Bags

Pitta Characteristics

Pitta – The Fire Element

Physical: Medium Build and Weight

Emotional Characteristics: Intellectuals, Precise, Direct

Energy Level: In Balance- Steady…Out of Balance: Meticulous, Focusing all their energy on the details

Skin type: Sensitive, prone to rashes and irritation

Hair type: Oily, Silky, Prone to Premature Balding

Pitta Clues


Pittas are naturally hot and need to simmer down. Try water sports like Swimming, Kayaking, Paddle Boarding. Or winter sports, Skiing, Ice Skating.

Pitta Food:

Pittas are hot and oily, they need foods that are cool and dry.

Check out this link for more examples of Pitta Food: Food For Pittas

Pitta Tea Bags

I encourage you to explore Ayurveda and your Dosha to find a natural way to become more balanced this year. This is only brushing the surface, so dive deeper into your dosha, take some Quiz online to be sure of which of your type, and become a more balanced you!

Happy Balancing!

Photo and Products at the lovely Adya Yoga and Ayurveda in Richmond Va

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