I don’t get all these ideas from thin air. There’s so much out there that gets me motivated. I especially love seeing everyday people making break throughs, making dreams seem not so far out of reach.

These 5 accounts are designed by people who motivate me to create, move and keep going.

@LAKALIVING – Instagram

I have a few friends who actually know Liz, but I only fantasize about having her life from a distance.

Living in Hawaii, this soul revivalist is constantly working in the kitchen finding ways to naturally enhance what you put in your “beauty belly” . She ensures that her customers are properly nourished and equipped for what lies ahead.

It’s clear to see that Liz does her research, using her knowledge to to grant strength to others.

All about girl power, all about the vintage look, and her packaging is seamless.

@WILLDABEAST_ – Instagram

Growing up, I was captain of my majorette team and my show choir team, so naturally choreography gets me excited.

WILLDABEAST ADAMS has brought hip hop choreography to the attention of many. I am amazed at how fast his dancers can produce new content, yet alone the choreographer himself. His dances are crisp yet smooth and his dancers range in all ages, races and orientations. I get sucked into these videos and often find myself in the mirror getting down to my own groove.

He’s made more moves into his very own IMMA SPACE studio and has started selling apparel. I’ve fallen in love with so many other choreographers like Brian Friedman, from guest teacher appearances at his IMMA SPACE dance studio.

A couple of my Willdabeast favs:


Attention Zodiac lovers! Every month, Amber Khan is freakishly accurate about your life on her YouTube Channel. She does this through combining tarot readings and zodiac signs. I have a few friends who will faithfully watch every month, including myself (yes, I am my own friend).

She adds humor to her readings, informational stories…and is a bit over the top, which I need & enjoy from time to time. Not to mention, her make up is something to watch all on its own.

She has built her readings into something she travels with, has written a book about, and has grown to continue free YouTube readings but has now added an extended reading that requires a payment. She has an unique gift and is using it to empower and make others laugh. Something eerie, funny and enlightening to watch.

My Latest Taurus Reading From Amber:

@KAISAFIT – Instagram

Coming from someone who has ran track and field as a long and triple jumper and wants every sneaker in the world, Kaisa is someone I could easily see myself as in an alternate life.

Like hey, I can do those moves, hey I want those shoes, but man look at this chicks drive and commitment. She’s always smiling and excited to share her thankfulness. She keeps her material fresh and her form never falters. Her followers are happy to share her videos and follow along to her exciting and innovative exercise style.

Kaisa will make you believe that exercise is happy go lucky. You will be fooled by the smile,  Try anyway!


This artist and yoga teacher is new to the Richmond Va area. What wows me about Jessica is that she finds time to do what is needed for her soul to grow; yoga and painting.

On Jessica’s insta story, there’s consistent evidence of her faithfulness to her yoga practice through recorded time lapses. And then there’s the playing cards. Visit her Instagram to see 52 playing cards with beautiful small paintings that look larger than life. Each painting includes an empowering message and a look into her piece.

Jessica’s consistency is not only seen through instagram post, but it’s evident through her artistic skill along with her strength and flexibility within her yoga practice.

Thank you all for your virtual motivational vibes!

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