A lot of you will know this, a lot of you will be reminded and a lot of you will learn something new.


Calming. Lavender doesn’t have to be associated with sleep, although it will help if you’re actively trying. Lavender is also calming during moments of anxiety.

Just place a drop of oil on your pointer finger, rubbing it together with your thumb. Place your oiled fingers near your nostrils, taking in a few gentle breaths. Wooosaa

Get some now:Lavender Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Skin. I hear it’s great for hair too, but when I use it, it’s all about the skin.

Whether it be a fresh scar, a pimple, a fresh pimple scar, tea tree oil will make it disappear. Its antiseptic properties are awesome at fighting off any small skin irritations I may have.

Get some now: Tea Tree Oil

Check out more uses here:


Coconut Oil.

Moisturizer. Make Up Remover. Glow. Keep Coconut oil in a warm place always, or it’ll get too hard and pure frustration will occur while you’re trying to melt it in between your hands.

Any time anyone ever says my skin is glowing, it’s because of coconut oil. It makes me shine better than highlighter and who doesn’t want a shiny body!? Yes, put it all over your body for best results.

Be careful when using coconut oil in wet hair, where what seems like a little is actually a lot, making it harder to air dry your hair.

Put coconut oil on a cotton pad or use a wash cloth to wipe off make up.

Having a Big Tub is the best: Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Apple Cider Vinegar

Indigestion and Heart Burn. I’ve always suffered from stomach issues. My mom has stories of me being a constipated baby and finally realizing all my sorrows were from Apple Juice. So yeah, the random little things have always got me.

One not so random thing that triggers these digestion upsets is stress. Track meets, Show Choir competitions, Christmas, my stomach and chest are not buying my smile through it, lets be positive mindset.

This past Christmas I had a lot of things going on financially and although I tried not to let the stress get to me, my stomach loves to remind me that the stress is there. My chest felt like a bubble was in it the entire week leading up to Christmas. On Christmas, my cousin told me to take a shot of apple cider vinegar for my “acid reflux” as everyone had named it. Walla! Gone within 15 mins!!!

Neti Pot

Sinuses. The Neti Pot will be grossly described as a tiny kettle filled with salt water that you:

1. Put up one nostril

2. Tilt your head forward and to the side

3. Begin to tilt kettle so the water goes into your nose and exits out of the other nostril. Cleaning any gunk that you can’t seem to blow out.

I must say, I used the Neti Pot my first few times in high school until one day my head was titled back too far, getting water in my ear instead of out of my nostril. This caused me lots of discomfort. I was finally able to go for it again after college.

Now I know to tilt my head forward and everything will run smoothly. Pair this with an intake of warm liquids like tea with ginger and lemon, and warm soups, and you may be able to kick the cold right before it really starts!

Breath Clearly Again: Neti Pot

Try these things before you try the chemicals! Chemicals definitely work in extreme situations though!

Happy Healing!

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