Why You Should Treat People Nicer.

Do you really need reasons? Sadly it sometimes seems like it, your mom, your ex, your co worker. Yes people are annoying, but it seems like a lot of us have a hard time putting ourselves in other people’s shoes. So here’s a reminder on why you should treat others nicely.

1. Every single one of us is our own universe. We all have different thoughts, different feelings, see from our own point of view. Just think of all the feelings you have and all the things you can’t understand but then picture it inside someone else and completely different. Just like you feel like no one could possibly understand you, guess what the person next to you feels the same.

2. You never know. You never know the anxiety someone may have, or how much your words actually effect their well being. You never know someone’s family situation or financial situation. As much as you think you know, I find out things about people I’ve known all my life, things I would have never imagined. Everyone has good days, bad days, sometimes good years, bad years… and your never know.

3. Karma. Believe it or not, I believe it. What goes around comes around. Want to get punished indirectly?..hurt someone else. Give what you want back. We’ve all heard it but be sure to practice it always.

We seem to forget that we were all put on this planet the same way, we all have no idea why we’re here and we’re all trying to navigate through this lifetime the right way, without an instruction manual. But we all know what nice feels like, when it’s received and given, don’t take that knowledge for granted.

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