A planned activity at my job, Safe and Stable Families started with a one on one session and ended with; two more additional kids, two therapist and a mom. Needless to say, this cheap, self care remedy is a crowd pleaser and also great for kids. Kids love making concoctions, and with all the edible ingredients, they can scrub lick and rinse.

The suggested ingredients don’t have to be precise, although I suggest being a bit more generous with the honey. It will tone down the sting of the cinnamon and is essential for moisturizing. Use a spoon to measure out the scoops. I used no more than one scoop for each ingredient:

 Honey – Vanilla Extract – Cinnamon – Sugar – Coffee

Honey for moisturizing

Vanilla Extract for a yummy scent

Cinnamon for a plump, Vitamin E and deliciousness

Sugar and Coffee for exfoliating

I personally didn’t use coffee grounds in my lip scrub because I don’t like the texture in my mouth, but the others seemed to enjoy it.

Simpy mix these ingredients together to make a paste and begin to apply! Lip Scrubs are best for removing dry skin and moisturizing at the same time. This is especially great in the dry winter.

We all agreed that it smells like Starbucks Cinnamon Frappe’s.. mmm.


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