Have you ever read through your zodiac sign and thought, “yeah that could be me, but not all the time?” Well, that was probably your moon sign talking.

Your sun sign describes your purpose and who you grow and aspire to be. When you’re feeling your best, your Sun sign traits shine through. It is your soul, root and personality. The sun sign is determined by where the sun is the day you were born and is common zodiac sign that everyone knows.

Your moon sign describes who you are when you’re at home alone, with your closest friends or relatives. What motivates you when you’re down and how you act when you’re feeling emotional. This makes total sense, since emotions and the moon are frequently discussed in unison. It can also have a lot to do with how you display affection and show your romantic side.

The moon moves through all 12 signs during a months time, and changes signs at an average of every 2.5 days. There’s a chance you will need to know your time of your birth and where you were born to determine your moon sign.

Don’t know your moon sign? Check out this link.

Moon Sign Calculator

Aries Moon:

Emotionally you’re quick to anger and can snap harshly. But on the bright side, once the conversation is over, you’re over it. The receiving end of your fire may not be as lucky. You don’t hold grudges but other people do, so be the bigger person when you come to your senses.

To get yourself out of a funk: Go outside and play a sport, any sport. Things that get you moving are always a game changer to your mood.

Taurus Moon:

Emotionally you are loving and caring BUT if you feel that you are not getting the same in return, you can become possessive and jealous… since your love isn’t given lightly. Slow to anger but your horns HURT, so warn others not to get testy.

To get yourself out a funk: Get comfy. Cuddle, watch a movie, get some tasty food (but dont overdue it).

Gemini Moon:

Emotionally, you have a restless mind that can cause anxiety and nervousness. Super curious and seeks more stimulation than other signs. Those who know you well know your quick wit, talkative side with a dash of charm. “You have the ability to analyze and verbalize” (according to The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need)

To get yourself out of a funk: Find a way to learn something new; through a class, a friend, even a YouTube channel. Have a night out where you can chat, meet new people and have some room to explore. Go somewhere you’ve never been with a new group of friends. You are all about the new.

Cancer Moon:

Emotionally, you’re all about emotions. Cancer moons do all things through feeling. You are an empath that can easily take on the emotions of those around you like they’re your own. You have a romantic nature.

To get yourself out of a funk: Take your time. Cancers emotions are said to wax and wane with the moon. Therefore, take sometime to yourself to wait out your emotional shifts in comfort and relaxation.

Leo Moon:

Emotionally you are optimistic and feel things out rather than think them over. You are a natural leader and enjoy getting attention (which isn’t hard for you). In love, your partner must match you and be someone your are proud to be with.

To get yourself out of a funk: Perform. Leo moons are natural performers and many have a talent to show. If you don’t perform, Leo moon’s are known to be great host and will enjoy being the center of attention at their own party.

Virgo Moon:

A practical perfectionist. Virgo Moon is most likely unaware they are having an emotional battle. Thinking with emotions just isn’t something they do. Everything has a reason and a lesson and you can easily move forward knowing that. Virgos are also the sign of service and won’t shy away from bringing their practicality to the forefront or behind the scenes to help a cause.

To get yourself out of a funk: Use your attention to detail and get on a schedule. You are happy when using your brain power and having a productive schedule will set you ahead of the rest.

Libra Moon:

Emotionally you yearn for balance and peace. Truly a person of partnership, if you don’t have someone significant in your life, you may feel off balance and not able to do it alone. If emotional, you can find yourself over spending and indulging in what floats your boat. Your skills are in mitigation and helping others come to an agreement.

To get yourself out of a funk: Redecorate your room to find new balance. Check out some art work that feeds your good taste. Hang out with your partner. Help solve a disagreement.

Sagittarius Moon:

Your emotional needs lie in freedom. If you’re not traveling… then your thoughts are. Your gypsy mind cannot be tamed. It’s harder for you to think about the smaller details because your head is always on the bigger picture.

To get yourself out of a funk: Plan a big trip or take a long undetermined drive. Learn about a new culture or visit a museum. Learning is at the top of your list and you do this best by being immersed in the lesson.

Capricorn Moon:

Responsibility is at your root and are usually the rock for those around you. Capricorn moon’s emotions rarely show and they put off an aura of strength and power which can sometimes come off cold to others.

To get yourself out of a funk: Solitude. You usually have a lot on your plate and although you may seem like you have it all together, you still need time alone to make it happen. Have a hobby that makes you feel powerful. For example, my dad is a Capricorn and is a very responsible and family oriented guy, but come weekend time, he’s going 180 mph in his dragster race car.

Aquarius Moon:

Emotionally you’re independent and often carry this into your love life. Commonly, you’ll be seeing/dating many people at once and not allowing them to get too attached. Others may think you’re distant, but really you have things to do and people to see. Your distance should never really be taken personally. You are likely to have many friends and be the glue for any group you may be in.

To get yourself out of a funk: Work on your craft and allow your creativity to flow. Aquarius Moon has a different way of thinking and anything you do proudly can easily become a unique talent.

Pisces Moon:

Being the most sensitive sign of all, Pisces Moon has a difficult time pinpointing and showing their emotions. Pisces Moon has changing moods that stem from their watery element and mixture of all the signs. Someone in this moon sign is sure to possess strong feminine energy whether they are male or female. They are likely to give up when emotionally stressed, which in turn can lead to self sabotage.

To get yourself out of a funk: Practice art, poetry, music, dance.. to understand how you really feel about a situation. Once you are able to see your emotions you are better adapt to use your sparkling intuition to shine light on your path.

Tell me your moon sign and if you agree. Comment below!

Until next time ✌🏽

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