It’s been awhile and I’m so glad to be back. This blog will be turning into something quite different since I am about to start my new life in Argentina! Yes, I’m moving to a new country, and it is all happening so suddenly so wish me some luck!!

So now that Vibrant Moves has a whole new meaning and my life has a whole new purpose, I encourage you to join me on this new adventure and new life path that I have decided for myself.

Why Argentina?

The eight year old Candice would be proud. Spanish has always been a passion of mine. I never could explain why, but I always knew I wanted to be fluent. From listening to Spanish cassette tapes with Spanish workbooks at age eight, to entering a Spanish Immersion course that taught me History, Algebra, P.E. etc in Spanish, to choosing to minor in Spanish at Lynchburg College, it all leads to this moment. I’ve always wanted to live abroad and become completely fluent. My Spanish is really great (so I’ve been told), but I still struggle with listening to native speakers conversing with one another. This is a skill I believe I can only acquire through living in a native speaking country.

I visited the country in December and fell in love with the friendliness, the size of the city and the ample amount of things to do. The city of Buenos Aires is HUGE and gave me a feeling of endless possibilities.

Aside from loving Spanish and wanting to me immersed, I also have a soul connection in Argentina that I would love to explore. I’ll spare you the details, but just know it feels right to do so!

I’ll arrive tomorrow with interviews lined up, a place to stay for a month and a resume full of experiences from Behavioral Technician, Human Resources, Executive Assistant, Music Hospitality and Yoga. So far I only have feelings of hope and excitement.

When opportunity knocks, take it and go for it with everything you have. That’s my plan and I’m excited to see where this journey leads.

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