I have survived a week in my new home of Argentina!! After a few days of hostel living at Play Hostel and Art Factory Beer Garden, I have settled into my home for a month located in San Fernando, about a 45 min train ride from the city of Buenos Aires.

Night Life

La Bomba Tiempo. This is a weekly Monday night PARTY. What a perfect way to make a boring day into a huge gathering. Here, you’ll find a director enthusiastically leading a group of percussionist. The music is upbeat and lively which makes it very difficult to stay still. The local beer Quilmes comes in a huge cup and is only around $2 in US, which is such a deal if you’re a traveler. The place is packed with foreigners from all over as well as natives. I had the pleasure of meeting some natives of the city and have plans to meet up once again. With the stench of weed and sweat in the outdoor air, beer in your system and the energy of the band and crowd, you’re sure to have an amazing time.

Finding A Job

Finding a job hasn’t been hard or easy. I would say that it’s about the same as my search in the US as far as leads and opportunities, but with my goal of finding a job where I can make US dollars, I am a bit restricted in my options. Why US dollars? Well as I’m told by many natives, with the fluctuation of the dollar here, being paid in US dollars is my best option for steady income. While interviewing today for a part time nanny position, I was introduced to a website called upwork that provides remote work to those who are looking to get paid for their skills in US dollars. I signed up today and applied to some freelance writing jobs. I’ll keep you updated on how this approach has worked for me.


So far I have loved taking the train. It’s a bit difficult when it comes to directions, only because I don’t have a phone that works without WiFi yet, my iPhone is locked. Although I run into this problem, Google Maps has a train/bus option, and will usually stay open with directions if you enter in the address while WiFi is active. The train gets pretty full during the day time and prime hours but nothing too crazy. You’ll catch people selling anything from snacks, headphones, toy rats, socks and their musical talents on the train. As far as Uber, there’s a chance you will get cancelled on if you’re paying with a card. Uber drivers here like getting paid in cash instead. Most of the Uber drivers want to practice English while I practice my Spanish on them. All of them have been super helpful with giving me tips about living in the city.


So far I’ve been warned about safety more than I’ve had any issues with it. Lets hope it stays that way. People have seen me with my phone out and have kindly warned me to keep my phone away because of people who may try to rob me. And it wasn’t just one or two people who have warned me, there have been multiple. That’s another thing, people are always being helpful in some way here. Maybe it’s because I look like a foreigner (when I see another black person, I seriously wonder what brought them here… go figure) or maybe people are just genuinely nice, either way, people are always offering tips whether it be on safety or finding a job.

I could keep on going but I do want to keep this short and sweet. So until next week 🙂

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  1. Thanks for sharing your journey in Argentina, cousin! Look forward to reading more from you. Please follow my blogs as well. I will be posting my blog(s) every Thursday. I posted one last week on Thursday.


  2. I love this! I’m so happy for you & all the new adventures you’re about to have! I will be praying for your safety & asking God to keep blessing you! So many great things coming your way.


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