As much as I would love to tell you that I went on some grand adventure this week, in reality it was all about the internal work rather than exploring.

This week was filled with lots of yoga, nature walks, journaling and meditation. I’m quite happy that I’ve had the time to actually think for myself without external forces, and trust there’s so much to think about.

Help Me Decide?

For one, I continue to be in limbo of what life I will choose to lead. I’ve been offered a nanny position that comes with a personal assistant role. With this, I’ll have the freedom to build my yoga private lesson clientele, with the help of a friend who knows the ins and outs of finding clients in Buenos Aires. It may seem like a no brainer, but I also am on hold for a blog writing and web content creator for a marketing firm. This offers sponsorship for a DNI (work visa), health benefits, salary, 25 days of vacation and has English and Spanish speakers in the office. I never thought I would want to go back to the 9-5, but I miss the stability of it all and would love the opportunity to meet like minded companions.  However, is my day to day freedom worth it? I would have to make a year commitment to the job since they will be paying for my work visa. I don’t know what to choose yet, maybe share your opinions in the comments.

My New Chill Spot

As far as the nature walks go, I’ve been taking on the streets by foot in my current town of San Fernando. Náutica, a place I visited on my vacation. has become a new spot for me to enjoy the shade under umbrellas while watching people skate, pass around Yerba Matte and take on the river with boats and jet ski’s. By the way, Yerba Matte is so popular here that they have free hot water machines for refills. I’m loving how active the town is. There are bikers, joggers, rollerbladers and a gym on every corner. This can either be a score or downfall to my yoga business. Only time will tell.

My sube card (train card) continues to power on since putting $13 dollars on it from the beginning of my trip, and I’ve only spent around $40 total in the last two weeks on groceries. I did buy some expensive seeds from a grow shop called Lemon Grow, in a town called Martinez, but once I reap the harvest, it’ll totally be worth it ;).


Once I determine what job I’ll go for and what my income will be, I’ll venture out more… but for now, I’m living the easy life and it’s been so nice.

Until next week!!

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