First, I would like to thank everyone for the support you’ve shown me for these post. All of the messages and interest have truly help me continue my positive mindset about this move. It’s so nice to have social media and ways to stay connected with friends and family so far away.

La Provincia de Buenos Aires

This week I spent some time exploring La Provincia de Buenos Aires, which are the places just outside of the city. During the weekend, I went to San Isidro for Peru Beach. The real beach is actually located about 3 hours away, which is quite confusing since you’ll spot palm trees all over. Still, the beach vibe is the totally within these towns. At Peru Beach, you can find people paddle boarding and kite surfing as well as outdoor restaurants and people enjoying their own meals with picnics on the dock. As I headed back to the train, I walked along the strip where people had set up a little market with antique items to sell. Nothing too enticing for me, but it was cool to look at.

Also while walking around, of course I’m taking note of how vibrant the houses are. Maybe it’s because I left the states during the dead of winter but everything just seems brighter here.

Another location I visited was Tigre. As soon as you leave the station you’re faced with a roundabout that comes off as hustle and bustle, but really the people here are so relaxed. There’s a river that I was able to sit along and watch as people had picnics with their friends. It makes me wonder if people ever work around here, because you see so many people just enjoying their lives in the middle of the workday.


Job Hunt

Speaking of work, I had my second interview with Elevation today for the Content Marketing Growth Manager position, blogging, webinars etc. It went really well, and the owner gave me lots of positive feedback on my example blog that was required of me to submit after my first interview. I’ll know on Tuesday if I get the job and if I do, then I’ll start next Monday!

The job is in the city, which is quite far from where I’m staying now, so I took the opportunity to soak it in just a bit before I had my interview. The buses, the taxis, the honking is everything you would expect from the city. I especially love how almost every terrace has some plants. The shoes with the huge soles are definitely in here. I feel like they were making a come back in the states, but about 1 in 4 girls my age can be seen wearing this fashion, whether it be sandals or sneakers.




Still feeling super positive about things and honestly feeling way better than I did before I left home. I had been waiting for such a change for a couple of years and I can’t soak up this feeling enough now that it has arrived.

Until next week!

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