This week was about looking at my failures as a blessing. I thought for sure after two very promising interviews and awesome commentary, that I would land the office job at Elevation, but I was wrong. My initial feeling was upset and angry that I wasted my time and put all of my eggs in one basket. I took a moment and looked back and wondered if I made a mistake, but then my mind shifted. After talking with my best friend, having a chat with a DJ friend before I received the decision and talking to someone special, I realized that this was just what I needed to give me direction.

When I worked in an office in the past, I was unhappy, felt restrained and like I couldn’t be myself. I started teaching yoga so I could free myself and be myself. I worked hard to build my brand and found other ways to supplement my lifestyle so that I wouldn’t have to feel like I was living my life for someone else. I found a way out, moved here for more freedom, only to try to find my way back into that restricted area again. I want security, I want stability, I want to be able to save and feel safe, but I also want freedom, I want to practice and teach my craft, I want to be able to go outside when I want to, I want to spend as long as I want in the bathroom!!! That being said, I know there’s a way, because I’ve made a way before and I enjoyed my lifestyle. I was able to wake up and be excited about the things I got to do. Of course it wasn’t like that all the time and I still had restrictions, but overall I got to choose how I spent my time.

Being in an office 40 hours a week with only nights and weekends to teach feels paralyzing to me. I want to make my family proud and this is the main reason I sought out for the 9-5, but I also want to make myself proud and do the things I was called to do and be the person I’m meant to be. I’ll continue to look for freelance work and part time work to supplement my lifestyle as I did before but also work on my craft.

If you would like to support, suggest my name to anyone who may be interested in private online yoga classes. Or watch and share my yoga videos that I’ll beginning to post on YouTube . Where there’s a will, there’s a way. It has always worked out and it will continue to!

I can be reached at:

Or on Instagram @vibrantmoves

Until next week!

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