My old roommate recently brought to my attention about the time I read The Alchemist. She could remember how much it impacted me and how I started to make changes while and after reading it.

When I read this book, I questioned a lot in my life. My unhappiness at my job, the feeling of being confined in a space where I wasn’t given the freedom to live creatively, and having options to be promoted but really having no desire to. I was 23 at the time, and thought that this was the way life should be after college. You get a job, you stay there and climb your way up the ladder. Once I got there though, I felt uncomfortable in my own skin. Yes, I was seen as the happiest and friendliest person in my office ,and seen as the person to go to for a pick me up, but in reality I was the one in need of a pick me up.

I wish I knew who suggested The Alchemist to me, and what lead me to buy it, because they deserve a huge thank you. I bought the book and immersed myself in the story of pursuing your personal legend. The story of a boy who always was a shepherd and always believed he would be a shepherd, until one day having a dream about discovering treasure in Egypt. The dream was reaffirmed to him by a King that had encouraged him to follow his destiny. This search was hit with many trials and tribulations, lessons and friendships that were unforeseen. I encourage you to read the book to find out more.

With this being said, shortly after I read the book, I quit my job and sought out to follow my own destiny, teaching yoga. This was 3 years ago, and there have been many trials and tribulations, lessons and friendships that have come about on my own journey. Yet, when I look at this journey, I see all the happiness that I have had in my life and have placed in others lives. It wasn’t like my job where I was giving the pick me ups and not receiving them in return, every class I taught left me feeling better if not 10x better than I had before. Sometimes I veered off of my path like the boy did in his story, but ultimately when I’ve arrived back on the right road everything felt aligned.

I encourage you to read The Alchemist if you have a goal outside of what you’re currently doing right now and want inspiration to go after that goal. If you don’t want to read the book, I encourage you to go after that goal anyway. Life is so much better when you’re going after something you believe in.

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