There’s been certain periods in my life where I can just feel that I’m on the right path. My grandpa describes it as being favored when I hit these pockets of good luck. When each step I take seems like it was calculated and designed to lead me to where I’m suppose to be. When dreams I have a night, happen during the day. When things I talk about manifest instantly. When the people I’m surrounded by fit in like a puzzle piece. Right now I’m going through one of those pockets of favoritism and I couldn’t be more thankful.

I’ve started a virtual job as an assistant for a Life Coach that lives in Jersey. He’s kind, understanding and flexible. It’s a part time gig and gives me opportunities to do things I actually enjoy, like making Instagram post, making graphics on Canva, creating schedules and a soon to be website. I love helping people grow their passions and especially when they have excitement for helping me grow the things I’m passionate about as well. Soon we’ll be launching his new and improved social media avenues, websites and more. But right now he’s sick in bed. If you’re reading this, feel better soon Eli!

I’ve also had an interview for another part time gig as a Human Resources Assistant, virtual as well, without even applying. And it’s doing the exact same thing that I’ve done in the past, but in the comfort of my home and half the time.

I also have dear Julian in my corner, making sure that I don’t lose sight of my main goals and helping me to find ways to promote my yoga business here in Argentina. We’re in the process of printing flyers, finding my target market, & getting me thinking and talking about my 6 month goals. I feel so lucky to have someone with experience and success in the goals that I’m hoping to achieve.

Exciting things are happening in the career sector in my life, as well as business relationships and relationships in general. There’s still so much I want to see, so many people I want to meet, so much I feel I need to do… but like I said, I feel like I’ve stepped into my favor and everything is going the way it should at this very moment. One step at a time.

Until next week!

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