Overall, my experience has been super positive and it’s something that I’m grateful for each and everyday. But let’s be real, people aren’t into reading about all the positive things that have been going on. They want to know the “real deal”. So for the sake of transparency, here’s my list of pros & cons of my move so far. Bad news first.


  • Not getting paid in cash SUCKS because each time I go to the ATM it cost around 7-10 usd in fees. Plus I lost my debit card and have to use my credit which is an additional $10 in cash advance fees. Most places accept card but cash is king.
  • Although I didn’t try hard to find an Argentine job, it seemed like a pretty unrealistic option. Between the pay, the language barrier and needing papers, it didn’t seem desirable or doable. Luckily, there are many remote US jobs out there & I’m sure with more effort you can find local opportunities.
  • Not understanding simple things the cashiers say at the supermarket and feeling super dumb after realizing it was something quite easy. Haha I know I need to cut myself some slack, but I really wish the language that I studied so many years would just click already.
  • Also speaking the language and knowing I can do better but letting nerves get the best of me. There’s phrases that I know I can say, but get randomly tongue twisted for no apparent reason.
  • Meeting friends is a lot harder when you’re not a traveler and you’re concentrating on making a living rather than going out and meeting people.
  • Being black in Argentina creates so many stares. I completely understand, because No One sees anyone like me. Obviously I’m more than okay with attention, but some days I just want to walk around unnoticed.
    Missing the convenience of places like Target and Chick Fila.. and being able to hop in my car to go right down the street instead of mapping out my walk or train ride.
  • But honestly as I typed this, all of these negatives are a positive to me and some way.
    • I’m spending way less money because I either don’t want to go to the ATM or I’m trying to stretch the existing cash I have in my wallet. Plus now I have my remote jobs and will be starting a nanny job next week where I’ll be paid in cash. So, I’ll have money in the bank and money in my hands 🙏🏽.
      I’m now able to work remote doing things I’ve wanted to do, work half the time and make good money.
      The embarrassment with cashiers is probably the most humbling experience I can think of lol.
      People are always willing to help me with the language and give me confidence that I know enough and have the opportunity to keep getting better.
      I’ve spent so much time getting to know myself, healing old wounds, not being influenced by outside forces and time to do all of things I’ve been putting off.
      Being someone that exposes people to a different part of the world is kind of cool.
      And thank goodness I’m not spending $50 at Target and $30 at Chick-fil-A every other week, it was becoming quite an addiction, along with other things out of convenience that I’ve ditched since being here. Also I’ve never been without a car since I’ve started driving and the weather is perfect for walking and biking. I love all the exercise and time in nature that I’m getting. Still a bit worried for the colder months though.

    I know this blog post is suppose to shine light on the negatives, but honestly this move has highlighted that negatives can always be seen in a positive way.

    Until next time!

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