Wow, where has the time gone? It’s been forever since I’ve written about my living situation in Argentina and I figured it’s time for an update.

A lot has changed since the last time I wrote about my experience, so let me fill you in.


I finally moved into a temporary apartment where I get to live on my own! This is the first time I’ve ever lived on my own, and although it has its challenges, man am I happy to finally have some space and be able to do what I want when I want. I’ve always been super independent and love to make my own decisions without people telling me what to do (my mom commented on this just the other day). So to have my own space and be able to do things on my own time has been such a wonderful addition to my life.

Everyone back home always asks how much I’m paying to live alone, and the answer is 17,000 pesos. How much is that in USD you ask? Well, since the dollar continues to gain more value here because of inflation, the price of the apartment started at $400 USD, just 2 months ago and now has gone down to $375 USD. Great for me since nearly all of my income is in dollars, but not so great for my Argentine friends. I continue to be grateful, because honestly, I’m not making the amount of money that I feel I need to yet.


Like the days when I was in the states, I’ve somehow managed to obtain a variety of jobs. Luckily all of them align with what I like to do and I enjoy each one of them. I have been writing blogs for a website called AyurvedaKi, where I talk about astrology and yoga. I have been posting on social media and doing small task for a life coach that lives in New Jersey [Check out the instagram I manage called @alacritycoaching]. I have been teaching virtual yoga classes for people back home in the states, which has been such a treat! I am able to teach classes to people I know back home and continue to get paid in US dollars and prices which is awesome! I also teach two classes a week at a gym called Altoque Fitness in Spanish!! I’ve only been teaching there for 3 weeks, but my Spanish has improved so much by; talking to students before and after classes, not being afraid to ask how to say something and improving my pronunciation in my teaching description as I listen to people speak more. Lastly, I just started babysitting my friend’s kids who only speak Spanish and happen to go to the school right next to my apartment. It’s only 2 times a week for 2 hours, but a perfect amount of time to Really practice the language. The kids are so perfect and so understanding when I don’t know how to say something, plus I feel more relaxed using my Spanish with them.

I continue to try to figure out what will bring in the big money, but like I said, all of my jobs are aligning right now so I just have to trust that what’s meant for me will come to me.


This one is a kinda sour subject since I haven’t been able to purchase a refrigerator yet, which means that I haven’t been cooking as much as I like. I’ve become a regular at my local coffee shop Escencias where I get a small coffee to go and a medialuna (croissant) every morning. The croissants here taste like donuts, ugh so delicious. When I arrive, the lady that works there ask me if I want my usual. I also am a daily visitor to another place that serves empanadas. I’ve given up my vegetarian lifestyle as I wait for the perfect moment to buy a refrigerator. I’m really hoping that moment comes soon!


I have met some really crucial people that have helped me along my path that I’m so thankful for. I really wouldn’t be able to do all of this if they weren’t placed on my journey. My best friend here is from Serbia but has lived here for 2 years now. She inspires me to learn Costellano (Spanish) fluently because she has become pretty flawless in the language over the last couple of years. She has helped me with finding an apartment, a bike, a couch and lots of happiness. I have met girls who are expats that live in the city who often plan outings or parties to attend. I’ve only gone to two so far and plan to go to one tomorrow, but we keep in contact through a large group message. The parents of the kids I watch have also become good friends and I enjoy spending time with them and hearing about their adventures all around the world. Lastly, my friendship continues with the guy that I came down here knowing, where I eat all of his food, ask him to fix my bike, beat him in bowling (okay, I’ve only beat him twice out of like 10 times haha) and enjoy spending my time with him as much as possible.


So technically they speak Costellano here, which is basically just Spanish with a special accent. I’m finally starting to understand the majority of what people are saying, I can listen to people passing on the street and catch most of the conversations, I can chit chat with the owners of the restaurants I frequent as I wait for my take out, I can play full on games with the kids I babysit and listen to them as they explain the rules. I can teach yoga classes in Spanish. So, I can say I feel about 70% secure in the language, but it still has so much needed improvement ahead. Although I feel like there so much further to go, I’m happy about how far I have come.

I still have no idea how long I will stay here. I’m letting life do it’s thing to me as I serve as an active and involved decision maker. Each time I worry about things working out, they always do. Each time I don’t get a job, something else comes along, each time I feel like I have no time to figure things out, things come just in time. So I don’t know, it’s all live and let live at this point.

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