Yoga Styles and Poses for Each Zodiac Sign

I’ve always had an interest in astrology and how it connects us to how we appear and feel. I’ve found that I can usually predict someone’s reaction based off their astrological sign and understand their actions just from their birthday; which led me to matching yoga styles and poses with each zodiac sign. Based on [...]

Yoga Ideas for Kids [Toddler – Preschool]

During the holiday season we want to feel the excitement of our kids. Christmas is really centered around them and all the cheer they bring, but what about those times that you would like them to calm down for just a moment while also still spending that quality time with them? Doing yoga with kids [...]

Mala Beads for Meditation

  Mala beads come in a necklace form containing 108 beads, created to help maintain focus throughout your meditation.   108 is seen as number of connection. For example, both the Sun and Moon are 108 miles x it’s own diameter away from the Earth. It is also said that we have 108 energy lines [...]