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November 17th

Hip Hop & R&B Yogis: 7:30-8:30pm

Adding good music to a workout always takes it to the next level. Join DJ Chandni and Candice for classic Hip Hop & R&B songs & instrumentals paired with yoga. Expect to sing along, stretch tight muscles, and release stress through sweat. All levels, bring your own mat.

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Yoga: relaxes employees while providing a workout.

Core: builds strength in torso, benefiting employees who spend an intensive amount of time at a desk.

HIIT: 20 seconds at your own pace and 10 secs breaks. Providing a workout for arms,legs, core and even cardio for the heart.

All levels – bring your own mat


Use bubbles and feathers for breath. Sings songs and stretch to the rhythm. Tell stories and demonstrate through yoga. Meditate with numbers. Get an assisted stretch from teacher, instructor and friends.

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Don’t let the Fitness Center at your Loft or Apartments go to waste. Help your residents maintain happiness and healthiness through yoga and fitness classes. Offering yoga, core and high intensity interval training.

Other services include: Nursing Home Chair Yoga, water aerobics and Yoga for Athletes.

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