Vibrant Testimonials

Interested in taking a Virtual Yoga Class, but need a little more convincing? Here’s what students from all around the world are saying!

“Candice’s yoga session was one of the most enjoyable, inspiring, educational, vigorous, and above all fun wrapped up in a well thought out yoga session. I came away refreshed and invigorated!”

– Matthew, Austin Texas

“I was planning on making coffee before our session and wasn’t able to (already was late, nothing has changed in 9 years, thank you for still loving me 😂) and after doing yoga with you I feel more awake than ever!! That was wonderful!”

– Mel, Ipswich Massachusetts

“Candice is truly masterful in her craft as a yogi. She personalized the hour session for my individual needs and requests and helped me relax after a stressful work week. I would recommend yoga with Candice to anyone interested in yoga, relaxation, meditation, and/or a great workout! Candice sets herself apart from other yoga instructors with her superior skill set, knowledge of the core principles of yoga, and her incredible ability to listen and respond to her client’s needs.”

– Elizabeth, sometimes Texas sometimes Colorado

“I loved my session with Candice! It was 1 hour of pure magic! Told her exactly what I needed help with and the whole session was relaxing and pointed at my problem areas. I felt like a whole new person! Can’t wait for the next one!”

– Julia, Salt Late City Utah

“In this day and age, we as consumers can feel painfully used to being bamboozled out of our hard earned cash, gualla, dolla dolla bill yall – whatever term you use to describe those green backs, you know that there are few things more frustrating than paying for something you want, and not getting the goods.

So it was a rare and refreshing treat that I received when I took a digital yoga class with Candice Hairston, Yogi Extraordinaire, who not only satisfied my original concerns, but took the experience above and beyond what I was looking for or expecting.

And don’t get me wrong, folks, if you’re skeptical of the merits of a Yoga class taken over video chat, you’re not alone! I too believed that for an experience as spiritual as Yoga, your guide should be in the room with you sharing in the energy of that moment. And I do believe that is the case for most teachers to this day… but Candice is such an exceptional practitioner of the ancient art of Yoga that her prowess of the craft transcends the limits of binary coding.

I came to Candice complaining of a tight and painful lower back, and truthfully was looking for no more than to stretch that bad boy out. But what I was reminded of when I took Candice’s class is that Yoga is more than a physical exercise. It can be, with the right teacher, and emotionally and spiritually soothing and strengthening journey. I’ve taken maybe 50 yoga classes in my life, and 2 with Candice. When it comes “gettin your mind right,” Candice is the hero you’re looking for. So give your lungs a break from that doobie you’ve been smoking 5 times a day in an attempt to ease your mind and take a big ol rip of Yoga with Candice Hairston, the people champ of feelin good. After our class, not only did my back feel considerably better, but I felt informed as to which stretches I should do when my back might feel that way again. Most importantly, however, I felt rejuvenated and uplifted. Look no further than Candice, folks, you won’t regret it!”

– Macon, Richmond Virginia

“My only regret of having taken a class with Candice is knowing now that I’m not taking them enough. When I wake up light, pain free, sort of effortless from bed, I know I had yoga or stretching relaxation with her the afternoon before.”

– Erik Buenos Aires Argentina

“What a treat it was to be able to practice yoga in my sunroom with Candice’s soothing voice and peaceful face in the foreground. She took time to note any injuries or requests at the beginning of our session and designed an hour-long class that met my needs and included some fun surprises and new insights. Our session was actually interrupted not once but twice (!) by a mail person needing a signature, and while it ruffled my feathers, Candice calmly brought me back to the yoga with a centering pose and reassuring voice. Turns out this is excellent practice for life: being able to pull yourself back into a moment despite whatever is going on around you. Don’t hesitate to book a session with Candice today—if you are looking for a yoga refresh, personalized instruction, or just want to give yourself a self-care treat.”

– Allison, Richmond Virginia

“That was great, I needed those stretches.”

Tanja, Belgrade Serbia

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